We believe in the power of simplicity. The best things in life don’t have to be complicated. Our focus is on blending top-notch botanicals that are unabashed and unadulterated.

Quintessence began in 2014 in an off-grid cabin on ten acres of oak savanna. I planted a small lavender farm there and began making handmade lotions and skin care products. I was interested in biodynamic gardening, earthen construction, beverage and vegetable fermentation, aquaponics, among other things. I raised a few chickens, grew white sage, fruit, herbs and vegetables, and I learned a great deal about myself.

Together with a partner, I built the cabin by hand. It was built into the side of the hill so that two walls were bermed into the earth. Dug by hand, it had a turf roof and an uncompromisingly individual style. Everything was solar powered and as ecological as possible.

Many things have changed in just a few years. The partner and I parted ways, the property has been sold, and I have taken steps toward minimalism, paring down my pursuits and possessions to the essentials. These days, I do what I love, and I love what I do best.

The lotion endeavor has thrived. Over the years, I have shared Quintessence lotion with many people, and it is consistently well loved. My mission with it is to remain simple and small-scale, offering a product that is health-giving and full of joy.

When I am not crafting a batch of lotion, I work as a writer and writing mentor.

Read more about me at stephenlloydwebber.com